Couple Intensive Retreats in London

An intensive couple retreat and relationship Therapy in London to get you back on track

Intensive Couple Retreats

Are you struggling in your relationship or marriage? Are you desperate to feel connected? Exhausted with what feels like a power struggle? Find yourself walking on eggshells? You feel like your voice is not being heard. You feel like the more you try and get your voice heard the more your partner moves away. You are feeling like your partner doesn’t care altho they say they do. Is it time to recalibrate, stop polarising and rediscover your relationships connection and spark?

Our Intensive Couple Retreats are a solution focussed and effective approach to rediscovering emotional connection and healing past relationship issues. It is a short cut to connecting in a meaningful. The retreats are designed to gain traction in such a way that most people progress through six months’ worth of couples counselling in two or three days.

This is right for you if:

  • You want to invest in your relationship
  • You are committed to start creating a fulfilling relationship
  • Are ready to devote uninterrupted time to focus on creating lasting positive change in your relationship or marriage
  • Want to create a fulfilling future together and improve your connection and intimacy
  • Are looking to rediscover, reinvigorate and recalibrate your relationship

Pam Custers leads The Intensive Couple Retreats an experienced couples therapist MA, BA (hons) PG Dip, EFT trained and founder of The Relationship Practice.

An intensive couple retreat and relationship Therapy in London to get you back on track

What people say

Craig and Anne

“We honestly thought that our relationship was over. Thank you we have re discovered ourselves and our relationship we were so lost”


“Thank you it felt like a little bit of fairy dust was sprinkled on our relationship”

Terry and Mike

“I think our relationship was stuck in a stale mate. It was like the lights went on for us”

What Our Intensive Couple Retreats Look Like

This is bespoke to your own unique couple relationship needs

The process starts with a deep assessment of your relationship needs wants and desires. You and your love partner will have a full personalised assessment. This takes place prior to the Couple Intensive.

The VIP Couple Intensive retreat will include what is described below and a lot more. We explore issues like Communication, Personality Types, Intimacy and I use neuroscience to understand the science of love and to make profound shifts in relational connection. Couples leave having recalibrated and able to look towards the future armed with the new found, deeper understanding of their partner, them selves and their relationship.

Day 1

  • Co-creating the shared Relationship Vision
  • Evaluating your love story
  • Discovering your relationship dance.
  • Understanding the sabotaging relational moves
  • Implementing a a strategy that shifts old ways of operating
  • Setting a one-month plan
  • Creating the shared understanding

Day 2

  • Daily relationship practices – building the strong foundation
  • Understanding the neurobiology pf strong relationships.
  • Discover your personality and that  we bring of ourselves.
  • Neutralising old patterns
  • Empowerment in processing and healing old hurts
  • Creating a unique plan to connect and create intimacy
  • Evaluating progress
  • Other resources
  • Closing appreciations
  • Commitment
What You Can Expect at our Group Intensive Couple Retreats

Couple maintenance

Your monthly check in.

Having invested in your relationship many couples choose to keep the commitment going. Many couples wish to have on going monthly dedicated time.

A 12 month programme is set up each session covers a unique topic. This is a deep dive into a range of the most important topics in love relationships, from intimacy, family values to money.

It touches on all the big conversations that a couple may wish to explore a little deeper.

Pam uses the insights gained from the couple intensive to construct a very nurturing and supportive process. This builds on the strong foundation that was created on the couple intensive.

Those who have attended either the VIP can sign up to keep the focus and explore deeper the corner stones of couple life. These can be signed at the same time as the intensive.