An INTENSIVE COUPLE RETREAT to get you back on track.

This is a solution focussed and effective approach to healing past relationship issues and to connect in a meaningful.

This is for couples who want to invest in their relationship and are committed to start creating a fulfilling relationship.

The Couple Intensive coaching retreat is a private relationship retreat designed to gain traction in such a way that most people progress through six months of couples counselling in two or three days. 

Choosing a couple retreat for two or three day intensive is when your relationship gets to a stage where it needs to recalibrate and you both want to devote an un interrupted time to focus on creating a lasting solution quickly. More importantly make for a meaningful connected relationship.

Our intensive couple coaching retreat is designed to help you accomplish that!

Couple Intensive Beach

Intensive marriage coaching is a private marriage retreat designed to move you through months of couples counselling in two or three days.

The intensive programme is popular with many clients as it gives a couple time to explore issues without all the every day distractions.

Your relationship benefits from dedicated time so you can give each other their undivided attention and focus fully on the retreat programme.  

Pam runs a handful of couple retreats a year. We provide wrap a round care. One option is a private beach house 1.30 min from London that is just for you and your partner. So you can focus purely on the process of reconnecting and rediscovering your relationship. Pam also travels to various locations.

We strongly suggest that contact with friends family or work is strictly limited. So you and your love partner can concentrate on each other.

(You will be contactable in emergencies)

Couple Intensive retreats are scheduled for either the beginning or end of the week. We meet for between 10-12 hours over two or three days. 

There are individual and joint exercises and time for private relaxation to have those important conversations.

The time between our sessions give you both time to process what has been discussed, talking, going for walks, relaxing, napping, or going out to eat. 

Who is your retreat guide?

Pam Custers MA, Pg Dip, BA Psych Hons is a highly experienced and skilled couples therapist and coach. She draws on a range of expertise. Her pragmatic, direct approach is highly regarded. She does all this with a light touch and a sense of humour that couples enjoy. They feel like she is on the side of their relationship. 

The work can at times be challenging particularly at the early stages. The three days involve emotional work and personal development. It can be demanding however the process creates intimacy and connection and we always encourage couples to take a couple of days off afterwards to go away and enjoy their new rediscovers connection.

Once the Couple Intensive retreat most clients enjoy the continued support and focus post the Intensive Couple Retreat. Building on the understanding and commitment to a connected fulfilling relationship they opt for the post retreat programme.

Creating the deeply connected relationship

The post retreat programme is for the couple who has made up their mind to create a relationship that they both deeply desire and a re committed to keeping up the progress and connection. This 12 month programme is for you both to design a relationship that you both want to live and then make it happen. It’s a constructive process building on the strong foundations formed.

This programme is made up of the two day Intensive Couple Retreat and a monthly follow up by email or Skype.

  • A 2-day intensive
  • Monthly follow-up by email and/or Skype

Day 1

  • Co-creating the shared Relationship Vision
  • Evaluating the present
  • Discovering the attachment styles
  • What are the blockers
  • Plotting the path
  • Setting a one-month plan
  • Creating the shared understanding

Day 2

  • Daily relationship practices – building the strong foundation
  • Understanding the critical path to strong relationships.
  • Understanding what we bring of ourselves.
  • Understanding childhood roots of current conflicts
  • How to ask for what you want and need
  • Creating your month by month plan
  • Evaluating progress
  • Other resources
  • Closing appreciations
  • Commitment

12-month Follow-up – Monthly check-ins by Skype or email to evaluate progress and set the plan and commitment for the following month.

Pam is able to cast the intensive over two or three days at the wonderful coastal retreat allowing for beach walks and and an away from home experience.

Please call if you think this is right for you.