Free Relationship E-Book Create Connection Not Conflict

How to have great arguments!

Yes when you learn the six skills in our free e-book you can turn your arguments and conflict into moments of couple connection.

My name is Pam Custers and I run The Relationship Practice. My associates and I are dedicated to supporting you in your relationship. Relationships are the corner stone of our happiness but can also be the very thing that creates our deepest hurt. We provide both counselling sessions, psychotherapy and our signature couple intensives.

There are moments in all our love relationships when we need to recalibrate and take stock.
The following ebook is a simple step by step that has been researched as the most successful ways to create harmony at home. In essence at the very core of all disagreements are the same needs “Are you there for me, have you got my back, do you love me?”

We hope you find the following read useful but please don’t hesitate to contact us for further deeper personalised support.

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