Six conversations to a Flourishing Relationship

Pam Custers has successfully provided 6 Conversations to Couple Connection in face-to-face sessions. Now Pam is giving you the chance to do this course online……COMING SOON!

Do you wish you could have more of the good times and less of the arguments?

Have you ever wondered if you could press the reset button on your relationship?

Would just like to regain that wonderful connection you had when life was less complicated?

Hello! I’m Pam Custers

Licensed Relationship Therapist

Sometimes we get caught up in a cycle of relating that starts out positively but for some unknown reason stops working. When we seem to have the same argument over and over again, yet not find a solution! You may know deep down that the love for each other is as strong as ever but because you seem to “miss” each other the connection is not always there. You both seem to get the “wrong end of the stick”.

When we communicate well and have a strong connection to our love partner, we often feel like we can conquer the world. Through the understanding of attachment and how important it is to feel like our relationship responds to both partners’ emotional needs, we can find the reset button.

Love is a secure connection with our partner. We are hardwired for emotional contact and responsiveness, in order to feel loved and secure. Our greatest need from cradle to grave is emotional attachment. To know how to receive and give it, in order that our emotional needs are met in our relationship, is a combination or three components: being accessible, responsive and engaged. Understanding and integrating these parts into how we operate is the key to a truly harmonious relationship that provides us with the sense that we are able to give and receive love.
We all start out truly connected and responsive to our partners but inevitably life happens and we discover that our partner withdraws or becomes upset and angry. We start to dance a dance that can pull us apart. There are inevitably times where we feel disconnected from our partner but it is in these moments that the way we emotional engage will shape our relationships. Professor Susan Johnston calls these the Demon Dialogues, as if we don’t resolve them in the moment, then we discover ourselves repeating our arguments over and over again. This is when relationships can start to unravel: when we start feeling isolated and lonely in our relationship, when connection starts to slip.

You can join me in the comfort of your home, one evening a week to discover why we behave as we do and for you and your partner to have a guided discussion. This completely private process will guide you and your partner to rediscover the connection, resolve the “dance” that derails your relationship and rekindle the love that is meaningful to your relationship. You will be creating a love story for your future. It will provide a strong and loving bond and skills that will help you weather your relationship storms.

Getting Started is Easy

Join me for six conversations that will provide you and your partner with a transformational way of communicating so both of your emotional needs are met, so you can re-engage with each other with hearts open wide. This online retreat is run highly successfully across the globe with a 75% success rate. I will be bringing you this using my own wealth of experience as a relationship therapist using my own unique insights and experience to make this a fabulous two-days that will put your relationship back on track. Keep your love story alive.

My Approach

Pam Custers is an experienced therapist working with individuals, couples and families. Her clients are successful individuals who value her unique approach.

She is accredited

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