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Feel the chill and not the overwhelm

Oh to feel chilled and not anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed. When the nights draw in and we turn our attention to the festive season feelings are mixed. We all wish for a relaxing end of the year when family and friends gather together and there is goodwill for all....

Divorce is a family affair!

When our children are hurting, so do we as parents, doubly so when we feel it is somehow our fault. Divorce brings up a range of differing emotions that can be challenging for us and for children of divorced parents. Over half of families going through a divorce have...

Communication skills! I need a crystal ball!

"Help we might as well be talking different languages!" One section on my intake form is communication. This is often the part that causes the most discussion.  Each person brings with them a different style of communication and it can often feel like our partner...

What’s your Relationship Dance?

The couple sit down and as she starts to talk, her husband looks away. He seems more interested in the books on my shelf. The more emotional and pleading she gets, the more withdrawn and shut down he gets. He says he wants the relationship to improve but he can't...

Are you lonely in Your Relationship?

Connection is the corner stone of all good relationships. I have worked with so many people who often sit in my room and talk about the fact that they are not particularly unhappy but they feel like they are living parallel lives. There is nothing as painful as...

Burn Out!

To be a good mother, partner, friend, work mate we must give, right?  We don't just give a little we just keep giving and for many it is a mark of a good person. “It’s better to give than receive” as the adage goes. As women, we can be particularly bad at receiving....

Family Loyalty

Family loyalty is such a complex thing. Blood is thicker than water. Our family of origin is where we learn the many unwritten rules of how we relate. We can often hit a snag when we form our own families and new rules and loyalties need to be forged. Many years ago I...

In insecure relationships, we disguise our vulnerabilities so our partner never really sees us.

-Sue Johnson

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