Looking for Couple Counselling? Two Important Questions to Ask  

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Category One

So, you are experiencing some problems in your marriage and you have decided that it would be useful to have some couple counselling. This may be a turning point in your relationship. Deciding on who you are happy to work with and can trust is imperative. Finding a well-trained and accredited therapist who has experience is key to the process being useful.

Therapists are trained to ask questions but here are some questions you need to ask. Is your therapist experienced and trained in couple counselling? Counsellors, sadly, are not all made equal and the term is not protected. Couple counselling is a complex process and requires specialist training in order not derail a relationship. Not all counsellors are trained specifically in relationship counselling. Ask how long the training took place (months or years) and was it general counselling or couples counselling. Relationship counselling takes several years and many hours of supervised training.

Is your counsellor accredited? This is not the same as a membership of an organisation.  Membership is often just having a yearly subscription and registration to do a counselling course. The key is the word ‘accredited’ (accred) which indicates that a rigorous process of examination has been successfully completed and compliance with a range of ethical procedures is well and truly in place.

So, before you launch yourself into a process that can either be the making or breaking of your most cherished relationship ask these two vital questions. Is your potential therapist accredited and how long was the training specifically in couples/relationship counselling?

I welcome you contacting me to have this important conversation so that you can make the right decision which will impact so significantly on your future.

Pam Custers is an experienced therapist working with individuals, couples and families. Accred MBACP. MA. BA (Psych) Hons and is a RELATE trained and registered counsellor. Contact 07572 841 388 www.pamcusters.co.uk